Loft Rental

New for fall /winter ! Train indoors on turf, heated, well lit. 

Agility equipment, rally signs, conditioning props
Usual fee is $25/hr.  (Max 3 people)

Book your own time slot here; loft availability
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 11 am -6


Turf Tuesday returns

Planning for training late fall and winter? Join us for Turf Tuesday at Centrefield Sports.
Warm, green, clean, great footing, indoor plumbing. Practice time for skills, drills, course work, no formal class.
Drop-in $25

Turf Tuesday will return winter of…


Trials and more trials!!

The Details COVID-19  premium  for Oct 2,3 is now available . This trial is limited to a max of 25 dogs in the masters classes and 15 dogs in each of the adv and starters classes. READ THE PREMIUM CAREFULLY!…