Head Start

Puppy socialization for 10-16 week old puppies. Puppies will learn how to "meet and greet" other dogs on a leash, the basics of sit, lie down and stand and begin the steps to a great recall. They will begin to walk on a lead (not heeling), and learn the collar grab game. There will be a brief puppy playtime as a reward  at the end of the class.
They will learn that to have their feet, ears and mouth gently handled and to be brushed is not a scary thing and that "unusual" things  or places are no cause for concern.
They are learning "how to learn" and handlers will see how consistent, positive rewards are the way to get the good behaviours that they want.
This class is 6 weeks in length and the cost is $150

Please bring a hungry puppy (no dinner), a large sandwich baggie of small soft yummy treats, and a buckle collar and leash (NO flexi's)

Family members are welcome to attend, but only one working adult handler per pup.

Please email sarah@detailsdt.com for class availability.



This new sport is intended to promote positive relationships between dogs and owners based on trust and respect. Rally encourages participation of ALL dogs, purebred or mixed breed, pets or titled champions as well as physically challenged dogs and or handlers.
ATTITUDE is more important in RALLY than precision. Dogs and handlers "just gotta have fun".
With handler encouragement, the dogs work through a numbered course of excersizes consisting of heeling at all paces, sits and downs, left and right turns, figure 8's.etc. Novice classes are performed on leash and are a wonderful introduction to the world of dog sports and building a positive bond with your dog.
Ongoing classes for more experienced dogs.

Six weeks one hour class/week $150

Please email sarah@detailsdt.com for more information.


Build an amazing relationship with your dog! Agility will give the shy, nervous dog more self-confidence and the energetic dog  an outlet for his enthusiasm! 
Agility classes offered  for all levels from puppy skills ,beginners, novice, advanced and masters. Just for fun or competition ready. Small class size (4) for more individual attention. 
Positive, reward-based (treats and toys) training used. 
Classes are 6 weeks in length, one hour each week for $150. Advancement  based on skills achieved.
Please email
sarah@detailsdt.com for class availability and scheduling, as dogs with similar skills will be grouped together