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Baby it's cold outside! But not at our indoor training facility, "The Loft"  a  new use for an old barn mow!

  • 30*60' fully matted and new turf floor space
  • insulated to R12
  • heated
  • bright and airy
  • agility jumps for skills and drills always available 
  • travel planks, 2*2 weaves, contact trainer, perches 
  • indoor portapottie (heated)
  • indoor shoes only on the turf please and non crumbly treats
  • Needing some indoor practice space?  "The Loft" is available for rental    $25/hr(multiple handlers dogs OK)

Contact to arrange times.

Clean, warm, secure practice space "Loft"

or this??




 We have two AAC approved agility rings and many amenities to meet your training requirements


  • 100*100' main ring, fully fenced and gated
  • 80*120' alternate ring with temporary fencing
  • mature trees
  • on deck shade tent
  • ample parking
  • minimal road traffic
  • dry camping available