Upcoming trials


Details will be sharing judges and weekends with MAC.  July 10 will have judge Christine Mandy offering 2 each of Starter, Advanced and Master Standards and 1 each of all levels gamble.

The premium is now available here. Entries are now closed

This trial is now full. We will have a busy day so everyone is requested to step in and help  if there is a job needing a person!


Sept 18 we will share Judge Robin Robbs with MAC and offer 2 each of Starter, Advanced, Masters Standards and 2 Steeplechase classes.

Mark your calendars !


A couple of Fun Matches are in the works!  Kelpie Club of Canada, June 26, 3 runs offered Jumpers, Standard, Gamblers, food , toys OK. Contact Trial Secretary Chris Krol  Fargosfriend@gmail.com

Sat. Aug 13 A scouting fundraiser fun match  for Julia Sungaila Needham's (Need Some Sun) boys. Details to follow.





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